Friends & Family: LZU

We are very honored to share this exclusive tune from the amazing producer & composer named Elizeu 'LZU' Salazar (Maceió, Brazil). He is very known for his lo-fi & experimental sound. We really appreciate the smooth sound of his tunes, lots of percussions and wavy vibes.

Elizeu recently released his EP named 'Abstrações de você' and it's been out since 11th of November. 10 Amazing tunes is included in the EP and we even have the honor to say that one of our member O.S.L has been helping him out with this great project. Here's some words from Elizeu about the project.

Be me in most of the time, it is attached forms that I see in the clouds.
Freedom is heaven.

Thanks Elizeu for the exclusive tune you shared with us, we really appreciate your support and we really hope to see us collaborating more.

Keep on making great beats fam!
Ninetofive Staff.


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