Sup Nasa - Love Is A Weapon

**Message from Sup Nasa:**

This album as a given meaning, it's only 13 minutes long so try to press play and wait until the last second of the last song has gone.

Through every song, you'll be able to listen to two different entities talking such as a crescendo in the music.
The album tries to reminisce every step that occurs in a relationship, from the beginning to the end. As you can notice, the artwork represents a male and a female, both looking at a different points, because love can not work unless the two person involved share the same prospective about life.

  1. It's the birth of the relationship. He starts to feel something in his stomach and even if in the beginning she says no, she keeps singing through all the song ''your heart worths more than gold''.
    The sound that keeps evolving is a representation of those feeling, of those butterflies. But is he sure that it is actually love?

  2. She asks ''My love, what do you need to make your wild heart beat?'' and he says ''Whatever makes you happy, that's all I need''. Love should be that simple. Nothing more, nothing less.
    She starts to feel something too, but it doesn't seem to be enough for her.

  3. But what is she feeling? Is it love or lust? The mind and the body plays a different role in the relationship and when they don't work together, things can fall apart.

  4. They understand that love is not a game. It's funny and pleasing but it can be dangerous as well. Too many things have to be take in account. Love is effort and self-denial. It's mutual respect. When one person starts to not row in the same direction as the other person, the boat can sink. If one person puts too much effort in the relationship and it's not mutual, love turns into a weapon.

  5. They understand that something is wrong, one of them is no more happy so they decide to break up. They sit down together and talk about it. It's like a disclosure. They don't have nothing to lose so they can say everything they feel. They trying to understand who is guiltier for the end of they relationship, but it doesn't seem they can get the answer, so what about a second chance? But is somebody going to ask it? and who?

Don't get me wrong, I love to love. We were born to love and not to hate. But as everything, love as a lot of pros and cons.
If you are blind you won't see its complexity and won't be able to right your wrongs.
But if you are aware of all the difficulties and the hurdles, that is, you know that love is a weapon as well, then you can try to understand what is better for you and what is not, what to give and when to give it.

We don't have to be afraid to love, but if we know what we are facing, every fears go away.

Love is a weapon but we pull the trigger.

/Sup Nasa.

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