Blended Gems: The Hidden Gems.

The wait is finally over fam, we have released our second compilation album of the project Blended Gems. We have snagged talented beatmakers from all around the world to create an exclusive tune for this companion release. Thirteen beats that are full of soulful and soothing vibes for you to chill with.

With this release we are also introducing a couple of new members in the NINETOFIVE Family, these talented artists are ‘Sam Gouthro, Greybox, Chris Savor, SE7E, Maad phonic, and KES. We are very pleased to have them joining us.

We aimed to bring you a relaxed atmosphere on this album, great mellow vibes and tracks that show each musicians love for creating these beats.

Sam Gouthro - Love Below
Greybox - For Future Martians
Maad Phonic - Hello Goodbye
Kazam - Hahahaha
A D M B - Time
Chris Savor - Semiz
SE7E - With A Woman Like You
Dilite - Close The Door
O.S.L - Luving Me Pass Me By
Beetek - My People
LSP One - Mood
Ferm - Unnamed

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