Beat Sessions! - Episode Seven

Every Sunday (22:00 CEST) the NINETOFIVE: Beat Sessions is live with your host Jeff Haight playing an hour of killer beats selected from submissions each week.

If you think you have beats that fit our style feel free to send em our way right here! Please send high quality (320 kbps) Mp3s with artist and title labeled.

Each week a playlist of these sessions will be uploaded to Mixcloud. Come chill, enjoy some beats and chat with the beatmakers on Mixlr!


  1. Handbook--Come Close
  2. Aso--Coolin Out
  3. Sub Hero--Lights Down
  4. Craneuhm--Brthaz Frm Anotha Ft Sokoro
  5. Mono: Massive--Somewhat
  6. Coubo--Crystals
  7. Loupo--Warmth
  8. Weird Inside--Nothing
  9. $wami--Origins (prod. Jax)
  10. Dephrase--Songs I Never Wrote
  11. Jamie Blake--No One Sees Me Like You
  12. Chris Savor--Semiz
  13. Ferm--Unnamed
  14. SE7E--With a Woman Like you
  15. A D M B--Time
  16. Brock Berrigan--So in Love
  17. Brianoize--Rest
  18. KSG x DRWN--Slept
  19. Kaiju--Awlnyte
  20. Sage--Colo Dolo (prod. Wun Two)
  21. IDNTRMMBR--Stars
  22. Gyvus--Tozen


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