Beat Sessions - Episode Thirteen with Jeff Haight

Every Sunday (4PM) the NINETOFIVE: Beat Sessions is live with your host Jeff Haight playing an hour of killer beats selected from submissions each week.


  1. Artifakts--Sad Shimmy
  2. Odyssee--Saga
  3. Handbook--Melon
  4. Ian Ewing x kkmai--The Strehlow Fade
  5. Odyssee x Glitch--Pulp
  6. Jeff Kaale--Footsteps
  7. Maad Phonic--Skies Apart
  8. Thovo Beats--Euphoria
  9. Sophie Meiers ft. ADMB and Seneca B--Heavy//Spirits
  10. Stlndrms--Look of Love
  11. Bonus Points--Hammock Days
  12. Handbook--Nimble Fingers
  13. Dp Beats x Odyssee--Dp Beats v.s. Odyssee
  14. Guggenz x Artifakts--Cold Sweat
  15. Mecca: 38--Foundation
  16. Falcxne--Barry
  17. Lanzo--HiddenMasterMind
  18. Koolade--Pod to Venus (Ft. Robot Orchestra)
  19. /NTO/--Peachy
  20. Philanthrope--Isolation

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