Directed by: **Jonathan Björklund** **Music**: **GEÐZ** - JOY and **Truly Danny** - Back2Attack ![](/content/images/2016/09/Untitled-2-3.png) We visited Stockholm City with the NINETOFIVE and the lineup for the night was **Sup Nasa**, **Maad Phonic**, **Max I Million**, **Truly Danny** and **Davr**. We would like to Thank everyone who showed support. Hope to see you soon again and remember to follow us at [Instagram]( to stay updated with our upcoming events! ![](/content/images/2016/09/Untitled-2-4.png) We are honored to present that we have two new members on the team. The Stockholm based producer **Max I million** and **GEDZ** who's representing Poland. ![](/content/images/2016/09/MAX.png) We have worked a lot with **[Max](** in our earlier projects (*Worldwide Beatseries*) and as you might know he's famous for that crispy boom-bap vibe in his beats. If you're interested in more music from him we got an exclusive coming up and you really have to stay tuned for 'The Max Tape 2' being released this fall.

GEÐZ is one of the most known talents in Poland as a rapper, but he is also a very talented beatmaker and we have the honor to have him on the team from today. Known for making really heavy beats with lots of atmosphere & aggressive attitude. The first beat in the Stockholm City Video is named JOY and was made back in March. We are very excited to hear what he will bring to the family in the upcoming future!

We truly hope you will enjoy your stay at the label, much love.
/Linus Maximilian Jonsson.

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