Beat Sessions: S02E02 with Pi-Wrecks

At 4 P.M. EST the NINETOFIVE: Beat Sessions is live with your host Jeff Haight and Donovan Rodriguez, and we also host for guest mixes. Read more about the Episode two down below.

This Sunday we have the honor to share the very talented producer Pi Wrecks of WUMP collective and Sleepless collective an amazing one hour set with tunes from Pi Wrecks and his side project Soul Suppliers!".

The style that Pi has in this mix is a blend from the 90's classic tunes and he's mashing them up with his own future-funk type of style. The team was heavily impressed by his DJ skills and we're so honored to have him on the show for an hour.

future-funk type of style.

A huge thank you to everyone who tuned in and we hope to see you next week at our live stream. Massive shoutout to everyone at wump & sleepless! Much love & Respect.

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