wuudlum - pieces (Upcoming EP)

We are proud to share the information about wuudlum's first release on the label and also his debut on streaming services. Fred, also known as wuudlum has been working very hard and spent many weekends producing tracks and trying to get that perfect sound he's been looking for. When i first received the 'Changes In Time' EP i really thought it was very different from his earlier stuff and i got amazed how much time and dedication he had put into it.

You will notice early on that all the tracks on Changes In Time has a great theme and they blend together very well. This is definitely one of the hardest things to do when you're creating music and we have to give wuudlum a salute for this.

The track-list we've received look like this and you will be able to listen to the full release during next Friday on iTunes and Spotify.


  1. wuudlum - colors
  2. wuudlum - patterns
  3. wuudlum - pieces
  4. wuudlum - emotions

We suggest you show some support to wuudlum's personal pages. He's mainly using Soundcloud as his place to publish new tracks and unreleased gems. Enjoy the release and stay tuned for more upcoming material from wuudlum.


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