Beat Sessions: S02E07 with Cesium Swimsuit.


At 4 P.M. EST (22:00CEST) the NINETOFIVE: Beat Sessions is live with your host Jeff 'Cesium Swimsuit' Haight or Donovan 'REVISIN' Rodriguez playing an hour of killer beats selected from submissions each week.

Tracklist for episode seven season two.
Auxx--She's Glitching Out
Handbook--Beckoning Calls
Prozak Morris--Noise Box
Aso--Ultra Violet
C Y G N --Fairytale
Rene Schier--Badabadeiyee
Furozh--One Year
Seneca B x ADMB--Meditate (feat. Greybox)
Greybox--Move it Like
Khudosoul--Something Between Us (feat. Birocratic)
Floppy Circus--Safari Haze
Big Wave x Carter--Blvd (feat. Dominique)
Dan Matic--Ear Crack, Half Gallon Bounce
Grey Killer--Patience

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If you think you have beats that fit our style feel free to send em our way right here! Please send high quality (320 kbps) Mp3s with artist and title labeled.


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