Beat Sessions - Season 2 Episode 11

It's now been 2 weeks since we shared the latest episode of our series. We're now getting close to a end of this season and we like to thank everyone who's been supporting us and showing love.We have 12 episodes per season but this time, we will add another bonus show for you guys! Donovan 'Revisin' Rodriguez told me this was his favorite mix he has done in this series and everyone on the staff hope you will enjoy this.'



beatmachinearon - how we do
[clouds.] - [flatspot.]
Sensi - Morning Blunt
yungmorpheus - schooldumb
beatboxbandit - before you're gone
Junyii - ahkwuh
knowmadic - rise
C h i n s a k u - Nag Champa
emune - Brown Eyes
tides. - spices
Der Funkbademeister - amnesia
Philanthrope - Relief
Moose Dawa - Who Twisted My Mind
tides. - lanta
digitalluc & Bill adlib - 003
Ian Ewing- LuvnYou
C h i n s a k u - All Right (pt.2)
Philanthrope - Schachmatt
Craneuhm - Frozen^Rzes_.
Omaure - siren
Pablo Queu - Rising
Philanthrope - Slowsteps
Thovo - noche
C Y G N - Back 2 The 90's
Davr - Good Times
Craneuhm - 3991-yrs-
snares - hombres
Aso - Soul Traveling (Freddie Joachim Remix)
Davr - Ninetofive Champions

Remember to show support to both **REVISIN **and Cesium Swimsuit for their hard work on the show. Links are available down below.

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