Welcome - TreYouth & A J D.

Today we are sharing the wonderful news that our first vocalist is joining the roster named TreYouth based in Boston, United States and also the very talented composer & producer A J D. You might have heard of the producer since we've already shared some material at our Soundcloud and YouTube. His sounds are very unique and it blends together so perfectly well with Trey's voice.

We have started to plan a upcoming release under the catalogue and today we are sharing their welcoming tune at the label. This is new to us, and we really look forward to the future and it's gonna be a honor supporting Trey since i find his voice very unique and very powerful & calm at the same time. I will share his song OMO he did around three months ago.

Welcome to NINETOFIVE both A J D and TreYouth! We really hope you will enjoy your stay / Linus Maximilian Jonsson.

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