Beat Sessions - Season 2 Episode 12


Today we're sharing the Season 2 Episode 12: BONUS episode with the very talented DJ - The Lounge Architect from Sweden. He's focusing on funky and lo-fi blended beats with a lot of groove and is one of the best crate diggers i know of personally. You know that guy who always drops the samples and have the knowledge behind some track, this is the guy.


We are very happy at the staff to have a sixty minute exclusive from his favorite tunes right now as a showcase at the Beat Sessions. If you have any questions about the tracklist, please leave a comment and we'll reply. Episode 13 that will be aired next week is the final and last episode for this Season and we would like to thank everyone who's been supporting us and been with us all of this time. Highly appreciate the support! If you wanna reach out to the team, here are the e-mails:

Listen to The Lounge Architect's episode right here:

Photos: Jonathan Björklund.

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