Heartbeat Of The City - São Paulo

The first episode of HOTC is now here. A selection of cities around the world that we will focus on and share information about the producer and his thoughts & take on the city he or she lives in. The city we've chosen for the first episode is São Paulo in Brazil. Due to many reasons, but one of the main ones are their massive support for the label over the year.


They have a very underground beatscene with a lot of experimental sounds and very unique blends between the genre. In the early days of the label we featured some stuff with SNAZ- Good friend of the member SE7E that's currently on the label. This time, we're introducing you to a new face, a very talented producer located in the heart of the city - Dualib.

There's been two official releases from him, one named Twilights and the second one Auroras. Available on his Soundcloud page. We will share Bruno's photos on the website right here, to give you a feeling of the city and make sure you listen to his exclusive tune for this project before you start scrolling!









Labels & Collectives that Dualib's a part of - SNTL Sounds, Cascade Records, Spacemood and OGV Check them out if you're in the need of some good music! Plenty of good vibes!*

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