Beat Sessions - Season 3 Episode 2

The second episode of the Season 3 is finally here! And this time it's a wonderful episode of 60 minutes with Jeff 'Cesium Swimsuit' Haight. A very nice comeback from him since we haven't seen him for a while! But man... this mix is really top notch. Such a great selection of tunes.

El G - Ta Tranquillo
Flamingnosis - Ecstacy
Dualib - Am I The One
Ben Bada Boom - U the Funkin Best
Eli Way - Wav
Melldu - Wait
El D - Pieces of Soul
DismissedFit x Infinite Bey - Elevate (produced by Blunted Beatz)
Dp Beats - Ritmo 151
Elusive - Stairway to the Stars
Ian Ewing - Trinidad
Shrimpnose - Musty
Birocratic - Sleepyface
Silo - Hallways
BryZen - Ch@ng3s
Flamingnosis - Make me Late for Breakfast
Flakes & Cehryl - Onward
Wuudlum - Luvstankcrank
Watchumean - Hollow Waters

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