Mecca:83 - Body Glow


Manchester based producer Evan 'Mecca:83' Jones recently made his first single that will be included in his upcoming project here at the label. The track is named Body Glow and was composed during this month - and we think it's the perfect timing since the summer is getting closer everyday and you can really tell Evan has got some inspiration from it!

If you're interested in more details, we will share the ideas and plans for his upcoming project that will be released under the label catalogue here at the website. It's going to be a great release and we are super excited for it!

I'm not going to lie: i've been struggling to find my groove in 2017. This is probably the 50th beat i've made so far and the first one where i've felt like i'm getting closer to the sounds in my head. Upwards from here peeps!

Anyways, enjoy this little summer heater just in time for the warm weather. Life Sketches Vol.3 coming as soon as it's god damn ready: consider this the first preview.

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