Rob Smyles - Babymakers EP

The danish producer named Rob Smyles has after a long period staying at the movement & label decided to release his first catalog publish - named Babymakers, including 10 amazing tracks with a blend of lo-fi vibes and that ambient sound. The release is now available on all major platforms including his own Soundcloud.


  1. Rob Smyles - show you (intro)
  2. Rob Smyles - with me
  3. Rob Smyles - bittersweet
  4. Rob Smyles - all the things you are __ all me
  5. Rob Smyles - breath
  6. Rob Smyles - company
  7. Rob Smyles - chance
  8. Rob Smyles - talk it out
  9. Rob Smyles - तन्त्र (tantra)
  10. Rob Smyles - give it to ya (outro)
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