Exclusive: Moose Dawa - Bolibumpa



Today we have the honor of sharing an exclusive sent to us by the very talented beatmaker located in Malmö, Sweden. We've been in contact with Mushtak for a long while, but this is the first time we had the chance of promoting and sharing his amazing work. Such an incredible beat with that summer vibe that makes you wanna just relax in the sun.

Moose Dawa recently published his EP named Felia Mea on all major platforms, it's a real classic and i suggest you save it onto your beat-playlist! I also received the news he's going to be on the upcoming collection album chillhop arranges for each seasons. Stay tuned on this one!

Links for Moose Dawa:
Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp

Photos taken by:
Tore Grönlund

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