Beat Sessions: S03E08 with REVSN.

This Sunday the very talented producer and DJ - Donovan 'REVSN' Rodriguez will be spinning some of his favorite tunes at the moment. One hour of pure beats and good vibes. Including beatmakers from all around the world!

The episode will be available on Acast, iTunes Podcast and Soundcloud. If you're interested in REVSN's earlier tunes and sets. Please see the links below:

Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter

beatmachinearon - roses
Thovo - equilibrium
EllaMae - Wish
Aso - Northern Lights feat. Distant.Lo
D E L I C A S T E E Z - luv like this
Audio Dope - Stay On
Space Gang - Herbal Drank
Sensi - Snow
Tomppabeats - Lips
beatboxbandit - u2fine
JLL - Infatuation
Badsummer - memories
Digitalluc - kendrick- Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst (digitalluc remix)
Soulchief. - malice
Poptartpete - LovelyDay
Toonorth - couldn'
CoryaYo - 4 The Jeeps
Craneuhm - (+_+).Ston_d
Korey wade - FUG
digitalluc - B1 Ghettos Worldwide
dude26 - Was due machst
C h i n s a k u - I n S p a c e
Mecca:83 - Open (feat. Kan Sano, Emanative, Aisha Mars)
Philanthrope - 531
dude26 - Interlude I
MNSTRMKK - BarSmoke (STBB 468)
A.G. Fernandez -
C h i n s a k u - Turn The Lights
Drips Zacheer - Take Me!
Freddie Joachim - And Then It Rained
FloFilz - Ruamarelo
Hans Solo & Jonas Cook - Clap Your Hands

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