hhv.de x Carhartt WIP x UDG - Sling Bag Trolley

HHV got together with the cult brand Carhartt WIP and equipment bag manufacturer UDG to reissue and enhance this collaboration already revered by DJs. The result is a limited version of the UDG Sling Bag Trolley Deluxe which is ca. 25% wider and gives you enough space for your vinyl as well as additional equipment like your controller, mixer or any other tools. Now it is possible to carry a 15” instead of a 13” laptop in a cushioned, silky-soft inner compartment.

Also, this newly created "limousine" of record trolleys has improved road holding due to a wider wheelbase that won’t throw you off track when running for the train. Additionally, the nylon upper material made way for the tough Carhartt Duck Canvas (cotton) without losing the rain shelter for your vinyl treasures.

We exchanged the CD-wallets for a Creator Cartridge Hardcase made from light-weight EVA, in which you can store up to 4 cartridges, shock-resistant and water-protected.

On top of that we give you a 9-LED aluminum flashlight, perfect for finding the right record during your club set. Foam padded walls give you maximum protection for up to 60x 12” records.

The Berlin Zoo consists of Fou Fou, Shatter Hands & I Kicked A Cloud Once and the music in the video is taken from the Super Bad Disco LP (Melodiya). You can buy the album here: https://goo.gl/byj79Y

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