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We met up with the very talented producer & composer eu-IV and wanted to ask some questions about his production and also some general thoughts about the beatscene. If you're not familiar with him, he's been releasing very well made projects such as 'Close Your Eyes' and the 'Pearl' LP - available at HHV on vinyl. eu-IV has given us the opportunity to share an exclusive beat on the label page and we're thrilled to share this one with you all. Such an experimental and futuristic sound that will take you away for a moment. Remember to press play and read the interview down below.

How do you feel about the beatscene in Baltimore right now?

The beat scene is growing slowly but surely. Hopefully me and the homies can inspire more kids to be apart of it. You're not alone! lol

When did you start making beats?

I believe around 2004-06. Had a cracked Fruity Loops 3.4 on the computer thanks to my big brother.

What is your first memory of discovering Hip-Hop?

Shit, maybe dancing with my brothers on Christmas eve to Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

How does your current production setup look like?

Macbook, Ableton Push 2, SP-404sx, turntable and a mixer. Gets the job done.

What album has been a major part of your influence in production?

Late Registration (Kanye). Ruff Draf, Donuts, Welcome To Detroit (Dilla), Until The Quiet Comes, Cosmogramma, Los Angeles (FlyLo), My Life (Mary J Blige), Brown Sugar (D'Angelo). It's a lot man.

Thank you for taking the time and answering our questions. Is there anything more you would like to add for all the producers & readers out there?

I would like to say always stay true. Trust in your talents and let it flow out. Someone somewhere will connect to it. Keep creating, you may find yourself in the process. Much love

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