Berlin Zoo - Exclusively on Sounds Supreme


Two months ago the Sound Supreme hosted by Jay Scarlett released a thirty minute mix with a great collection of beats made by the Berlin Zoo crew

The Berlin Zoo member 'I Kicked A Cloud Once' will be attending the Friday's show in Copenhagen, Denmark at Pumpehusets Byhave. If you're nearby remember to drop by and listen to some beats.

Jay Scarlett, one of the most versatile and informative DJs in Germany, presents new and rarities from the fields of electro, hip hop, funk and nu-soul.

Fou Fou - Sideburns [Unreleased]
Baba Trick - N/A [Live excerpt from Sound Escape #5, 2010]
MANKY X AKTON - Ring Til Mig (Instrumental) [Psykofarmakarisma]
I Kicked A Cloud Once - Stray Bullets [Unreleased]
The SP Arkestra - N/A [Live excerpt from Plugout Festival, 2016]
Sofa T - Outro [Centeret / Beatdown Records / Green Shades Music]
I Kicked A Cloud Once - Power Minds [Unreleased]
Fou Fou - Untitled [Unreleased]
Berlin Zoo - Trackside Stories [HHV Records]
Terry Tester - Denice [Mixed Ape Music]
Damp - Hennïngsatar [Green Shades Music]
Shatter Hands - Untitled [Unreleased]
SHIKACO - Pullin’ Tricks [Beatgeeks]
Jabar Ligla - ArtForm [Unreleased]
Keis Khatib - Canada Goose (Instrumental) [Green Shades Music]
Context - Untitled [Unreleased]
Khalazer - Tiden Er Knap (ScratchMagic 84 4/4 Remix Instrumental) [Unreleased]
Terry Tester - Going to See My Baby [Mixed Ape Music]
Fede Poul - Intro [Centeret / MFP / Run For Cover Records]
Berlin Zoo - At The Lay-up Part 1 [HHV Records]
Fou Fou - Cuban Bump [Unreleased]
Track72 - Fool Ya (Instrumental) [Good Music Records]
Sofa T - Chandelier [Unreleased]
Berlin Zoo - Untitled [Unreleased]

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