DOOM will release a new song every week for the next 14 weeks in a new project called The Missing Notebook Rhymes, in partnership with Adult Swim. According to a press release, the series will feature music from upcoming DOOM albums as well as guest appearances on tracks by other artists, including Jay Electronica.

The first release in the series is titled “Negus,” a collaboration with Sean Price set to appear on a posthumous collection from the late rapper titled imperious Rex. Last year, DOOM and Madlib linked back up to share a new track called “Avalanche.” He also appeared on the Avalanche’s latest album, Wildflower.

A cryptic note near the bottom of the release says, “These missing notebooks were last seen at the METALFACE L.A. office when DOOM was denied entry into the US 7 years ago. If you have any information on the whereabouts of these notebooks please contact

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DeMarco also promises that “all sorts of special guests” will be featured on the songs, the first of which, “Notebook 00 – Negus” you can stream below. The freaky, pulsing track also features the late Sean Price, who passed in 2015. It will be featured on his forthcoming posthumous album, imperious Rex.

DeMarco also revealed the series’ artwork was done by Jacob Escobedo, who previously collaborated with the metal-faced artist when he adopted the moniker Danger DOOM.

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