Celebrate The Life And Music Of J Dilla

From Power 106 from Los Angels.

In case you missed the video where Legendary Producer J Dilla Is Remembered Through His Music As VinRican Showcases Classic Samples Used In Tracks That He Composed it's now avaialble here. Show some love and remember to show support to the J Dilla Foundation.

From website: James DeWitt Yancey “came across like an angel on earth,” singer and songwriter Steve “Spacek” White told Fader magazine in 2006. Most people tend to speak of him this way. His contributions to music were indeed felt as angelic, no matter the alias—John Doe, MC Silk, Jay Dee, or J Dilla. But the James Yancey legacy is wide-ranging. What he contributed to the lives of others was duly as significant.

He was an artist to those who worked with him, but also a son, a father, a mentor, and a friend, with interests beyond music.

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