KLIM - Spacewalk (Buy Vinyl)


The collaboration between the vinyl pressing company Qrates has been started and we can now offer the full album on 12' including KLIM's latest release named 'SpaceWalk' - Limited Edition.

KLIM is a composer & producer from Kiev, Ukraine, raised on and influenced by classic boom bap hiphop (New York, Detroit, etc.) and he's striving everyday to make new beats and evolve in the same style & vibe. With 22 albums made and travelling around the world for live shows, he truly is one talented beatmaker. This is the first vinyl that will be pressed on the movement, and also the first official catalog vinyl for KLIM.

We highly appreciate all the support, and all the people who decide to buy this album from him, it means the world. Thank you all for the continued support!

Side A

  1. KLIM - Far Away
  2. KLIM - Awakening
  3. KLIM - City Park
  4. KLIM - Quiet Noise
  5. KLIM - Space Snow
  6. KLIM - World
  7. KLIM - Call The Rain
  8. KLIM - Hainan

Side B

  1. KLIM - Live Strings
  2. KLIM - New Minerals
  3. KLIM - Patrice
  4. KLIM - Saaaaa - Siiiii
  5. KLIM - Satellite
  6. KLIM - Space Call
  7. KLIM - Unidentifield
  8. KLIM - Cloud

Published under the Worldwide Beatmakers®.

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