Truly Danny - Odd Bumps

The long awaited debut release from the very talented producer & composer Truly Danny is finally here! A really smooth & funky album including that G-Funk type of style that Danny is well known for making. We can present 9 stunning tracks that has been put together for your listening! I've spoken a lot recently to him on the phone, and i've noticed he spends a lot of time in the studio lately. So don't be surprised if we'll see another project coming up real soon with unreleased stuff as well.

The music gear he's using can be found at this site called Equipboard.

  1. Truly Danny - Invader (feat. Trac-1 El Sonido)
  2. Truly Danny - Top Dwn DeLuxe
  3. Truly Danny - Menace
  4. Truly Danny - Circles
  5. Truly Danny - Hoodies
  6. Truly Danny - If You Can’t Flow Don’t Spit
  7. Truly Danny - Half N Half
  8. Truly Danny - Last Daze
  9. Truly Danny - Slumbr (feat. Delicasteez)

If you're interested in supporting the project. Please make sure to hit those following buttons on his social media. I'll list all the information down below.

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter.

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