DJ Clae - The Dayz Of Old (Strictly Vinyl).

Today we're honored of sharing the first Strictly Vinyl series mix which i hope we can focus more on in the future. The set has been made by the new member of our DJ crew - No one other than DJ Clae from Stockholm, Sweden. Well known in the hip-hop circles around the city and he plays at different venues each weekend.

He is truly talented of choosing records, from one night to another it can be such a different style and vibe but Clae always takes his time to perfect the set with rare funk & hiphop and he really gives the audience a fun time being around. From well known tracks with Biggie or some rare funk that's been collecting dust over the decades, we can now finally showcase his first 30 minute mix that's been published under the Worldwide Beatmakers®.

DJ Clae: All vinyl Hip hop classics and some rarities from the mid 90s in a 30 minutes mix! No edits just one take. Perfect for the pre/after-party, afterwork, bus ride and so on.

We are happy to announce he's a official member of the movement! I truly hope you will enjoy your stay and i appreciate if you all show him some support!

Social Media: SoundCloud, MixCloud, Instagram.

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