Max I Million (Beats Of All-Nations).

Today we have the honor of sharing the mix the member Max I Million did for the lovely people over at 'Beats of All-Nations'. A sixty minute mix including artists from all over the earth. You can really find all the type of vibes in this one, i suggest you put yourself in a relaxation mode and press play on this one. Remember to show some love if you enjoy it, all links will be included down below to his social media.

Producer Max I Million has put together an amazing conceptual mix transmitting live and worldwide from Stockholm, Sweden to Pomona, CA. He’s done official remix work for the likes of CL Smooth, Planet Asia, Kev Brown. “I also worked with Promoe from Looptroop Rockers and ADL, who are about as close you can get to Swedish Hip Hop legends.” Max’s last release was on an instrumental cassette called Beats, Mines & Life, where he shares space with Ayatollah, Khrysis, M-Phazes and Nottz. His right hand man Chapee intros the mix on a track the two previously collaborated on. “He’s a real master of ceremony, and I’m usually that cat in the background who speak with my music.

Mike Styles opens the show with a short mix featuring new music from Makaya McCraven, Co. Fee, Sumohair and SUPERSAN. Gabe Real seals the deal with a dj buffet and a blast from the past when he reunites with a scratch record he pressed and released in the early 2000s.

Max I Million:This my take on World Music. But the common denominatior is undoubtedly Jazz. I wanted to demonstrate how all urban music styles have their roots in Jazz by merging styles and blurring the lines between the genres.

If I'd describe this mix with three words, it would be "Unity", "Love" and "Timeless". Music brings us all together and Jazz, aswell as Hip Hop, has always been in the forefront of music that brings people together, no matter of age, race, nationality or background.

That's also the essence of this mix. You'll hear music from every continent on earth, stretched over time, 1950's to 2017, and even a couple of exclusives from myself that nobody has heard before.

I loved putting this together, and I hope to spread that love to all of you. Enjoy!

Intro - Chapee & Max I Million (cuts: DJ Devastate)
Slick - The Hue ft. Ladybug Mecca
All Love - Max I Million
The Meaning Of Love - Karin Krog
Candy Box - Afta-1
Given Numero Tres - The Order
Why Is Mary So Nervous - Michael Naura
The ZeeOheNeE - Destruments ft. Othello
Moravagine - Ruhenol
Apple Juice Break - Olu
Windy City - Max I Million
Snippets from Nepuman - Luk&Fil
Bara To Yajyu - Haroumi Hosono
Block Huggers - outcrowd.
OneLoveFlip - Max I Million (cuts: DJ Devastate)
Bubblegum - 9th Creation
Street Freestyle - Benny Mails
STHLM City - Näääk ft. Machish Price
Children - Haki R. Madhubuti & Nation
Boombap - Nine Sparks Riots
Whatever It Is, It's Working - Potatohead People ft. Illa J, Frank Nitt & Jon Rogers
When I Played The Piano - Max I Million
Emakhaya - The Roots (South Africa)
Shades Of Love - Dave Run
Abu Ali - Ziad Rahbani
Gengo2 - hi_ko
Fantastic Vampire - SA-RA Creative Partners ft Erykah Badu & Herbie Hancock
Minnesota Fats - Max I Million
Le Mont - Apatight
Fiyah Flies - The Hue ft. Chris Daddy Dave & Derrick Hodge
Staten Island - Kongchain
We Travel - Chapee ft. Mykestro
Chopfield - 14KT & Tall Black Guy
Smoke Break - Curren$y
Here - Salif Keita
Delight - Vainsmith

Find Max's Social Media here:
Instagram, Twitter, MixCloud.

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