Mixtape Mondays - This is DJ Devastate.

Mixtape Mondays.
Guest: DJ Devastate
Mix: The Couch
Buy: https://counterweightrecords.bandcamp.com/
Full Episode: https://goo.gl/jP4eUD

DJ Devastate’s new funk/fusion mix, Movement Mixes Chapter 2, “The Couch”. This one takes you back to the 1970’s.

Do you like slow jazzy rhythms? Do you like to kick back, chill and just groove to the music? Then make sure to get this right away. This mix is the second release of three chapter mix series from Swedish DJ Devastate. The series will consist of music that has inspired the upcoming “Movement/Silence” album project that will be out on BBE Records NOVEMBER 2th.

The trilogy of mixes will flow through various musical vibes and modes that could be found in a club. Like: The Bar, The Couch & The Floor. Be sure to check for DJ Devastates upcoming mixes and instrumental debut album.

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