Airworks - Director's Cut

The long awaited album made by the russian producer & composer Airworks is finally here! A stunning selection of 18 beat has been made and we're able to share this great piece of music with you all! It is available on all major streaming services including our SoundCloud page.

Airworks is a very talented producer located in Moscow, Russia and he's focusing on getting a classic blend from the traditional hip-hop including some rock inspiration which he includes with his guitar. The vibe is just stunning, from lounge styled tracks to up-tempo 80's influenced tracks. We truly hope you'll enjoy this release and check all of the songs he made. Thank you for the massive amount of support as usual!

01 Airworks - U
02 Airworks - More than just a tension
03. Airworks - Rock your boat
04 Airworks - Aerodynamica
05 Airworks - Take care
06 Airworks - Me & my gfriend
07 Airworks - Smth about your love
08 Airworks - She will never know about my problems
09 Airworks - Ridin'
10 Airworks - Memory man
11 Airworks - Rainbow pills
12 Airworks - Morning
13 Airworks - Just rattle your bones
14 Airworks - Is this luv pt1
15 Airworks - Mista korg what're you doin'
16 Airworks - Promises
17 Airworks - Goodbye u

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