ØDYSSEE - Vibrant Colors

We have the honor of sharing a new single named 'Vibrant Colors' from the very talented composer & producer from Paris, France. A bit unique this time, since he made this beat a little more uptempo than usual, but he really kept that classic Odyssee vibe which we all love. I'm so excited to be sharing this one, since i'm seeing you truly support his upcoming stuff sharing and commenting.

Me and Odyssee, have been talking for a long while now, and there's a couple of big projects coming out real soon. Some music will be put on friends of ours, releases that will be on cassettes and also collaborations with other partners. I will share all of them via our social media and try to keep you all updated on it! A fun journey is waiting!

/ Linus Maximilian Jonsson.

Show support: SoundCloud, Instagram, Bandcamp ,Spotify.

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