Beat Sessions - Episode 04 Season 04

One hour of stunning beats. Host for this show is @cesiumswimsuit bringing you some really chill & smooth vibes! I am honored to share our upcoming collaboration with the very talented people over at Frission Radio for the live broadcast. You can tune in over at or listen after the show is done via SoundCloud or iTunes Podcaster. Thank you for the massive amount of support we've received and also, a big shout out to all the people who shares the episodes & show love.

Ian Ewing--Beauty
Brock Berrigan--So In Love
Idealism--Both of Us
Captain Backpack--Daydreaming about Us
Harris Cole--Elevated
Bassti--Warm but Cold
Drips Zacheer--FTB
Ashortimelater and J. Vibes--ShortVibeLater
Amy G. Dala--Eulogy of Dreams (ft. The Fifth Estate)
Birocratic--Lovely Rita
Handbook--Not Here
Imagined Herbal Flow--Beyond the Sun
Bonus Points--Hammock Days
Flamingosis--Persevere (ft. Kyle Greene)
Mt. Marcy--You Will Keep Me In Your Debt
Liphe--Reel too Real

If you're interested in being a part of the show, please hit us up on:

From Frission:
'Our schedule is built to cater to a global audience with curators from all over the globe. If you miss any of our shows live, we offer a complete replay service via our Mixcloud page.

You can listen, tune in and chat via our website and you can get stuck in to our magazine which has news and recommendations on new music, articles, interviews, plus the latest and best music videos. Our writers are picked from the finest blogs and specialist YouTube channels offering up a constant stream of new and unearthed music for you to explore.

We are constantly looking for ways to grow and get better and have been chasing new talent to continue our goal of bringing you more fantastic music.

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