Beat Sessions - Episode 07 Season 04 with Cesium Swimsuit

We are finally back! One hour of stunning beats. Host for this show is Jeff 'Cesium Swimsuit' Haight bringing you some really chill & smooth vibes! I am honored to share our upcoming collaboration with the very talented people over at Frission Radio for the live broadcast. You can tune in over at or listen after the show is done via SoundCloud or iTunes Podcaster.

Thank you for the massive amount of support we've received and also, a big shoutout to all the people who shares the episodes & show love.

Prozak Morris - Noise Box
Ian Ewing - 4:21 PM
Falcxne - Detroit City (tribute)
Elusive - Stairway to the Stars
Borealism - Evil Spaces
Fitz & Suppe - Level U
Handbook - Beckoning Calls
Robot Orchestra - Keep me Warm
Leavv - Home
Ian Ewing and Garrett Benally - Melody Soul
Amparo - Forest Bathing
Idealism - Late Nite
Elusive - Rinse Cycle (feat. Nite Jewel)
Tesk - Datswing
Space Gang - Carpet Weed
B Side - Dignity
Erameld - Strut
Flamingosis - High Tide (feat. Stereocool)
Captain Backpack - Fields
Purple Dialect - Charlie Brownsan

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