A Christmas Gift For You ©

A project made possible by: Drips Zacheer ╳ Kongchain ╳ Sup Nasa.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time with family & friends. A present from the movement to you all, a beattape made possible by Drips Zacheer, Kongchain and Sup Nasa. 9 stunning tracks that's been done under a very short period. Truly hope you will enjoy this release and show some love to the producers. All links are listed down below.

Drips Zacheer, Kongchain, Sup Nasa


  1. Drips Zacheer - The Christmas Song
  2. Sup Nasa - NoMoreCookies
  3. Drips Zacheer - Together
  4. Drips Zacheer - I want You
  5. Sup Nasa - SilentNight
  6. Sup Nasa - AgainAndAgain
  7. Kongchain - SnowGlobTravels
  8. Kongchain - YuleCool

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