Welcome to Worldwide Beatmakers® Es-K.

We have the absolute honor of welcoming the very talented beatmaker from Burlington, Vermont (US) to the official roster of NINETOFIVE®. This guy truly knows how to flip samples and get that massive 90's hip-hop sound but still very updated with todays sound. His catalog is full of incredible beats & collaborations with rappers, we've included his latest release named 'Urban Couture' that has been playing on repeat since first time i heard it. I can officially share that he's working on his debut album that will be published under the worldwide beatmakers and the first single will see daylight during early February. If you're interested in following and see what Es-K's up to on a daily basis all links are included down below.

We truly hope you will enjoy your stay Robert, welcome to the family! / Linus Maximilian Jonsson.

Follow Es-K
SoundCloud, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube.

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