Mixtape Mondays - This is DJ Devastate: The Floor.

New episode of Mixtape Mondays, this time with DJ Devastate located in Malmo, Sweden shares a absolutely stunning mix of 30 minutes filled with soul & funk classics.

Movement Mixes Chapter 3, "The Floor". This last mix in the three mix series takes you back to the 1970's. Do you like fast funky rhythms? Do you like to get down on the dance floor? Then make sure to get this mix right away. This is the last mix in the three chapter mix series from Swedish Dj Devastate. The series consisted of funk/fusion music that inspired the "Movement/Silence" album project that is out on BBE Records.

The trilogy of mixes flows through various soundscapes that could be found in a club. Like: The Bar, The Couch & The Floor.

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