Unda De Sango - Hittin' Switches (EP)

We have the absolute honor of presenting this EP produced & composed by the great beatmaker from Zürich, Switzerland. Me and Unda has been friends for a long time, but there's never been a official collaboration, and finally it's here! A two track EP from the very talented producer. I'm so thrilled to be sharing this one with you all and please, visit his pages and follow him!

Unda De Sango is a member of the great team named 'Boyoom Collective' - A collective, record label and movement of creative beat makers based in Zürich, Switzerland. A set of very talented producers collected in one group located in the same city.

Have a go at the EP, i'm very sure that you're going to feel the vibes of it! A blend between classic boom-bap but a touch of that Unda - Sub bass and groove it surely can't go wrong! All links are listed down below for Social media & contact pages.

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