Moose Dawa - Reflekt EP

A wonderful Wednesday to wake up to! A new release from the Malmo, (Sweden) based producer & composer who goes under the alias of 'Moose Dawa' has decided to share this wonderful piece of music. It's a eight track release that's been published under the great friends over at Chillhop. First track starts off very jazzy, but still with this updated feeling with small cuts on the vocal samples that takes you away for a journey. I'd recommend you sit down and just relax and reflect over the good things in life and press play on this release. Moose Dawa recently joined us for our liveshow we had in Malmo, including Max I Million, DJ Devastate and K.Zaar. It was a great show and we'll share the recap video in the upcoming days at our channel. Keep spreading good vibes and remember to show love and support to Moose Dawa if you like this release!

Moose Dawa: SoundCloud, Instagram, BandCamp.
Chillhop: YouTube, BandCamp, SoundCloud, Website.

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