Beat Sessions - Episode 12 Season 04 with Cesium Swimsuit.

Season: 04
Hosted by: Jeff 'Cesium Swimsuit' Haight.

We're back with one hour of stunning beats. Hosted by Jeff 'Cesium Swimsuit' Haight, bringing you some really chill & smooth vibes! I am honored to share our upcoming collaboration with the very talented people over at Frission Radio for the live broadcast. You can tune in over at (21:00 CET) or listen after the show is done via SoundCloud, Mixcloud or iTunes Podcaster.

Birocratic - Extra Fresh
Flamingosis - Never Felt a Feeling Like This
Ageless - The First Time
Ian Ewing - All Denim
Juan RIOS - Pine Trees
The Dean - Just Happened (feat. Amina Violet)
Es-K x Loupo - Eulogy
Guggenz - Break Even
C Y G N - Supernova
Borealism - Subshield
Bry.Zen - Hangry (feat. 18sense)
22Rains x TheeReal - Traveling
Big Wave x Carter - Love me Now (feat. Micheal Saxon)
Floppy Circus - Orakel
Phillipe Edison - Love is Real
Elusive - Wake and Bake
Ben Bada Boom - Shining on the Boulevard
Gorila - Heatinupyabody

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