Mixtape Mondays: Berlin Zoo (Mix For Sounds Supreme)

Mixtape Mondays: Berlin Zoo
Title: Mix For Sounds Supreme
Follow: https://soundcloud.com/berlin-zoo

Berlin Zoo:
"Our guest mix for Jay Scarletts 'Sounds Supreme' show, which features a blend of new, old and unreleased tracks from us and some of our favourite Danish producers and beat makers."

Jay Scarlett: https://soundcloud.com/beatdimensions
Entire Show.

Fou Fou - Sideburns [Unreleased]
Baba Trick - N/A [Live excerpt from Sound Escape #5, 2010]
MANKY X AKTON - Ring Til Mig (Instrumental) [Psykofarmakarisma]
I Kicked A Cloud Once - Stray Bullets [Unreleased]
The SP Arkestra - N/A [Live excerpt from Plugout Festival, 2016]
Sofa T - Outro [Centeret / Beatdown Records / Green Shades Music]
I Kicked A Cloud Once - Power Minds [Unreleased]
Fou Fou - Untitled [Unreleased]
Berlin Zoo - Trackside Stories [HHV Records]
Terry Tester - Denice [Mixed Ape Music]
Damp - Hennïngsatar [Green Shades Music]
Shatter Hands - Untitled [Unreleased]
SHIKACO - Pullin’ Tricks [Beatgeeks]
Jabar Ligla - ArtForm [Unreleased]
Keis Khatib - Canada Goose (Instrumental) [Green Shades Music]
Context - Untitled [Unreleased]
Khalazer - Tiden Er Knap (ScratchMagic 84 4/4 Remix Instrumental) [Unreleased]
Terry Tester - Going to See My Baby [Mixed Ape Music]
Fede Poul - Intro [Centeret / MFP / Run For Cover Records]
Berlin Zoo - At The Lay-up Part 1 [HHV Records]
Fou Fou - Cuban Bump [Unreleased]
Track72 - Fool Ya (Instrumental) [Good Music Records]
Sofa T - Chandelier [Unreleased]
Berlin Zoo - Untitled [Unreleased]

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