Sup Nasa - J Dilla Ruined My Life

J Dilla Ruined My Life - A Tale by Sup Nasa.

The debut release from Sup Nasa is finally here! And i'm super happy to be sharing this with all of you! A great blend of tracks that include grooves inspired by J Dilla - and it's a project that Sup Nasa made to share his love for Dilla's music. Please read the quote from Sup Nasa what he had to say about his thoughts around the release and what he wanted to express.

"I don't feel music the same since I heard his beats.
His deep-feelings based music, his chopping technique, his complex yet simple rhythm, made me switch my focus when I listen to music.

It's like I cannot enjoy music no longer. It's like if I don't find anything that beautifully created, if I don't find that kind of aestethic struggle, music has no meaning.

And I have to thank him for this because it allowed me to upgrade my experience, my way of listening to music, that is my way of living.

So yes, you ruined my life, but thank you." - Sup Nasa


  1. Sup Nasa - Preach To My Soul
  2. Sup Nasa - Colour My Dreams
  3. Sup Nasa - I'm Sorry, Only Got Love For This Shit
  4. Sup Nasa - February
  5. Sup Nasa - Searchin' My

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