NINETOFIVE® X Chillhop - Guest Mix.

We have received the great honor of showcasing a one hour mix on the legendary channel YouTube channel Chillhop owned by Bas. The mix is a showcase of the sound and style that we would fit for this collaboration - put together by the very talented Jeff Haight that's running the Beat Session channel that you might be familiar with. A massive shout out to the whole staff, and everyone who will be supporting this one. Let's aim to grow the beat-scene bigger together and enjoy good vibes!

The mix contains songs that's never been published earlier and i truly hope you will like it! Leave a comment and remember to support the beat makers in the video.

Background: Chillhop is a platform dedicated to finding and sharing the best chilled hiphop, jazzhop and triphop music and connecting people. More info at our website.

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