Digitalluc - Higher / Supernatural Guidance. (Video)

First visual preview of the new digitalluc vinyl release 'blu dot.
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On July 20, digitalluc released its label debut at the Mainz underground institution Sichtexot. The EP "blu dot." Is an intimate snapshot of the Berlin-based producer, who has produced a soundtrack for the night on ten titles (and four skits). For "blu dot." The 26-year-old worked with companions such as Hubert Daviz, Philanthropic, Tufu and B-Side at the productions. Also sightseer founder Anthony Drawn is represented on two songs with his unmistakable saxophone solos. Man-Of-Booom-MC Teknical Development contributes the only but perfectly integrated rap part.

The album was created during a period of intense confrontation with one's own biography. He processes painful experiences and deals with death. This self-therapy is bleakly illustrated by the skits citing Mobb-deep-legend Prodigy's last interview: "It's what it is, I just need to own who I am."

According to this credo digitalluc remembers its strengths: the blind sensitivity for deep melodies and atmosphere, detailed sound design and playful drum programming. They make "blu dot." An outstanding example of instrumental music that is more than unimportant background music. Between lo-fi aesthetics and finely tuned jazz chords, "blue dot." Tells a story that transcends every moment every loop is compelling and authentic. With the release digitalluc demonstrates its unmistakable and independent sound identity, which he has developed over the last few years, like no other Beatmaker.

After digitalluc recently released the digital collection "re: ups" and his debut "wait wait." As well as the "Moonsessions" (both 2015), "blu dot." Is just the starting signal for a new creative cycle. The debut album, which will also be published by Sichtexot, lacks only details - and in addition, digitalluc was busy and experimented with unexpected sounds in his home studio.

"Blu dot." Will be released on July 12 on 12 "vinyl as well as on all digital platforms and can now be pre-ordered via Label-Shop, HHV and VinylDigital. The release will be celebrated on the 21st of July in Berlin's Club Panke, where digitalluc will be presenting the new songs and inviting musical guests such as Wun Two, Philanthropy, Klaus Layer, BeatPete and Educut.

01 Higher
02 Snore w / Philanthropic
03 Negative Things (Skit)
04 Changes
05 Project Fargos
06 It's What It Is (Skit)
07 VuVu w / Hubert Daviz & Anthony Drawn
08 Silent Sweep w / Anthony Drawn
09 Not Easy Leg Me (Skit)
10 Supernatural Guidance
11 Smr G
12 Tufluc w / Tufu
13 Koom
14 My Friend Pain (Skit)
15 Shadow Charms w / Teknical Development, Philanthropic & B-Side

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