DJ Cam The Downrocka - Exclusive Mix

I'm so happy to share with you all, that the very talented DJ and producer who goes under the name of Cam The Downrocka has decided to put together a exclusive mix for you - A blend with beats made by himself over the years. The technique of his choice to make beats are the classic MPC 2500 - a machine that many of the members on the label prefer. I met up with Camilo first time at the event we had in Stockholm 2 months ago, and i was blown away by the skill and focus - and the ability to adapt when things won't go as supposed. We had some trouble with speakers, electricity and the show had to be delayed, but he just kept calmed and solved everything with the members and had a smile on his face.

I am truly happy to have you on the team, and i hope you as a listener can vibe to his classic type of beats with that old-school flavor that many people absolutely love. If you're interested in showing support and love check the links down below to his pages.

Earlier releases available on Bandcamp:
Straight Of The Decks Vol. 1
Straight Of The Decks Vol. 2


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