Loop.holes - Back In Bap (LP)


Loop.holes started in 2013 when typeraw took the initiative to form a group with 5 of his favourite musicians and friends from Norway:

  • filliboomboombap
  • lootfattig
  • marshtini
  • henc-beats
  • vizcatiabeats

All with a fellow passion for jazz, soul and especially the 90's Hip-Hop phenomenon ; Boom Bap
After a while they started producing classic tracks for a number of mc's like Epidemic, Melanin 9, Illconscious, and too many other ill individuals to mention. In 2018 Loop.holes dropped they're first album BACK IN BAP on Millennium Jazz Music, which is a combination of instrumentals released online and from different projects with other artists. Loop.holes are dropping a fresh instrumental album late 2018 / early 2019. So stay tuned!

Links to Loop.holes :

Free download on Bandcamp: 9djr-kbe5

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