Bopscat - Daddy's Block Party

Thank you to everyone involed in this project, a massive shoutout to the whole team over at Rueda Libre. Highly appreciate you guys!
I'm super happy to announce the welcoming of Bopscat - located in Medéllin, Colombia. A up and comer in the beat scene, which i'm so honored of sharing with you all, a really dope and calm vibe on the beats that could even bring summer vibes to you in the coldest weather. He's been a affiliate around the rap scene in Medéllin but now he's decided to focus more on the beats, and become a official member of the crew. His debut album can now be found on all streaming services. Drop a like & comment if you enjoy the material!

Download & Stream:

Directed by: ® Rueda Libre Photo & Films Colombia
Rueda Libre Company Colombia:
Phone (Colombia) +3104970163

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