Beat Sessions - Episode 01

The Season 5 premiere is here, with Jeff Haight. A full hour of beats, handpicked by the great Cesium Swimsuit - We are so thankful for all the appreciation we got when we announced we're back, it means a lot to all of us involved. You can find all previous episodes on iTunes and other services such as Acast, or tune in live on Frission Radio on Wednesdays.

Potatohead People - Returning the Flavour (feat. Trian Kayhatu)
Mora - Falling
Mecca: 83 - Bahia
Radicule - Rose og++
Somni - Silver
Goosetaf - Waterfalls
Stan Forebee - Possums & Popcorn
Remulak x Liphe - Wonder
Das Brenan - Mr. Lonely (prod. by Sugiwa)
Es-K - Moonlit
Mirrorish - April Showers
Birocratic - Belly Breathing
ØDYSSEE - Starry Night
Jinsang - Slumpin
L'indecis x sad toi - Dog Days
Kupla - Ruska
Potatohead People - Change of Heart (feat. Illa J)
Loupo - 1993
Robohands - Lost
Somni - Girl
Oatmello - Piazza
Invention - Ebb Flo
Space Gang - Hey Friends

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