Moose Dawa - Podcats #1 & Alleycat Anthem

The idea of Alleycat Anthem is all about bringing out the alleycats and let them sing their anthem. Too often do we find ourselves struck by the crazy talent we have around us but as artists being artist, some tend to keep alot to themselves, making the alley a comfortable place for the cats to stay and play in, and with all respect. But from time to time, the cats need to get out and let their anthems ring like bells through the city-night.

The collective mind has always been there, mainly flourishing in the studio located in the industrial harbor of Malmö but without a name to lean on. With that being the topic for a long time, many of us were doing our own thing, building ourselves as artists and just trying to craft the work, may it be producing tracks or just simple & plain crate-digging. But at the end of every day, we always ended up vibing with each other in the studio. The time spent together created a common vibration which  was found through the different styles, ranging from everything between soulful & jazzy hiphop to the eclectic bounce of techno & house, bringing together a playful combination of sounds & a broad spectra of listening preferences. By creating a plattform where all the cats can play, the goal and wish here is to push a wide variation of music & cultural content through releases, mixes, events & more. But most importantly, just have fun & spread good vibes.

Listen to the first episode of their mix series down below. Show some appreciation and leave a comment & support. I also got the word, they are hosting the first event in Malmö, Inkonst at November 3rd - Opening doors at 11:30 PM and closing at 4:00 AM (CET) - If you're nearby don't be shy! Join them and enjoy the many great styles that the evening will offer and also have a great time!

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