Beat Sessions - Episode 02 Season 05

The 2nd episode of Beat Sessions of Season 05 is finally here! A full hour of beats, specifically selected by the very talented Jeff Haight. An incredible selection of exclusive and previously released beats. The first track, coming from the newest member on the movement - Cookin Soul. And i want to share the news that on November 2nd the debut album is being published under the catalog, produced by Waahiid - Located in Los Angeles.

We also have Max I Million's classic, A Decade In The Dust - Included in his new project that's being released very soon - A collection of beats that's only been available on his SoundCloud featured with so many talented people. I also want to share, the exclusive track from Moose Dawa's upcoming EP that will be published on the catalog, named Highlow EP - A piece with that crisp jazzy & mellow sound.  

Cookin Soul - Oh Yeah
Illingsworth - Peeves (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
Toonorth - To The Moon And Back
oWbese - Keep It Narcoleptic (Prod. Tensor)
Sleepdealer - Polaroid
J'San & Nymano - Autumn Breeze
Illingsworth - Sama
Elusive - Sentimental
Psalm Trees - Babyyy
Idealism - Walk
Brainorchestra - Umina
Wylie Cable - A Sorcerer Of Questionable Morality
Pastel Arsenal - Rhodan
Fantompower - In A New Place
Axian - Drive
Waahiid - 4thewhat?
Max I Million - A Decade In The Dust
Moose Dawa - Look Of U
Aso - First Date
Cumulus Frisbee - Valerian
Robohands - Mountain
Sadiva - Learning
Oxela - Dustoiche
Clwdwlkr - Flight Patterns

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