Hi-Hat Club Volume. 01 (Radar)

I think this series, should not go unnoticed and it's soon it's 10 year anniversary and i'd like to share the first volume with you all, and you can keep discover the newer ones. There's now 7 Volumes out. In 2009 MPM hooked-up with photographer Robert Winter with the mission to give the burgeoning producer scene a new platform and a good look too. The Hi-Hat Club layed the foundation of the German beatmaker scene of today and kicked off the careers of artits like Twit-One, Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra, Fid Mella and Full Crate.

There's 3 copies left available on MPM's Bandcamp

Welcome to the Hi-Hat Club where beats live and look good. The new MPM producer series kick starts with Hulk Hodn and Twit One from Cologne. Both like their beats dusty and soulful with lots of crazy ish happening in between. Their DJ sets with two turntables, a stack of vinyl and a MPC are legendary. Twit and Hodn are right in the center of Cologne's breeding hip-hop scene, working with everybody from Fleur Earth and the Retrogott to Miles Bonny, Frank Nirtty and Planet Asia. About the Hi-Hat Club: MPM have teamed up with photographer Robert Winter to take a look behind the beat, into the bedrooms and makeshift studios of today's beat generation.

Tobias at Melting Pot:
It would have been easy to fit in here with a new Hi-Hat Club record. But we wanted to look a bit further, take a few more risks and release a record that doesn't care too much about what's poppin right now. And we believe that "Hyasynthus" is such a record. We have been fans of Knowsum for a while now and the 22 year old Sichtexot diciple has blessed us with an album that demands a lot from his listener but gives back as much. If not double. Some people might ask if this is still hip- hop but we couldn't care less ... This cat is on his own ish for real!

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