Waahiid - Meanwhile (Album)

Photo taken of Waahiid - While filming the 4thewhat? music video in Los Angeles, United States.

One of the main ways we experience music is as ambient noise, as something that fills in empty space whether we’re travelling from work, at home, or in line in a coffee shop.  Waahid’s debut album “Meanwhile” was born from these everyday spaces. He explained that while crafting his album debut for NINETOFIVE, he realized that he frequently found inspiration from blending his creative process with his quotidian life. The beats you’ll hear on this project were made in coffee shops, in Waahiid’s local laundromat, and on Los Angeles’ public transit system – among many other locations. They’re dusty-yet-polished, complex, and unapologetically retro, and we’re proud to bring them to you.  So grab some coffee, hop on the train, relax after work and live your life to this one.

The album will be available on cassettes, during January 2019 at our new web shop that we're launching. A very limited run, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and get the first notification when they are available for shipping. I can also tell you, another video will be in the making from the new album since we received so much love on the single 4thewhat? A big thank you to everyone that's supporting this release and listening to Waahiid's latest project.  You can stream the full album down below from Spotify, but if you prefer another service please press here.

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